3 Powerful Tricks to Be Instantly Self Assured Without Makeup

How I got to take pictures with #nomakeup and being #confident with myself?

There are 3 incredibly powerful tricks that I’m gonna show you to be self assured even if sometimes you wanna stay #withoutmakeup….Here we go!


Did you know that when you smile you release endorphins?

Endorphins have always been called the “Happyness Hormones” and you will find incredible what they can do:

Do these 2 simple things:

  1. When you wake up in the morning go towards your mirror and just SMILE AT YOURSELF! You will see the effect of these three facts growing day by day…
  2. When you’ll step into the streets it will be easier as you can think: while starting a conversation with someone… remember to SMILE, always!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

We all have in our brains a kind of neurons called “mirror neurons” which have the function of the intersubjectivity… What does it mean? It means that if you’re talking to someone, they’ll feel and share your mood uncounsciounsly. So? You’re gonna smile and they’ll smile too!! They’ll feel happy and suddendly like you because YOU MADE THEM FEELING THIS WAY!!


Since that our human body is 60 percent water, it requires absolutely water to work every single day!

Let me tell you a few pills of what water can do to us… According to the MEDICAL NEWS TODAY:

  • It delivers oxygen to the body
  • It boost your skin health and your beauty
  • It make minerals and nutrients (which dissolve into water) accessible
  • It boost performances during exercise so you will see results faster
  • It maintains blood pressure and prevents kidney damage

What are we talking about?! Yes! This is all about health! Drink a lot of water, eat in a good way and you will feel healthier and more self assured day by day!!


Okay… we all love our Beauty Routines … because they make us even more relaxed and confident but I wanna share with you some essential things that I personally do for myself and trust me that IT WORKS!!

Beauty Routines

Take some Time for Yourself everyday and do your favorite Mask

Obviously not everyone can afford a facial… (neither me) but everyone can create their own special and unique SPA into their house everyday. Why? Because you know yourself more than anyone else and it doesn’t matter if it will be morning, afternoon or evening (or night? why not?); it always will be your personal daily appointment for a special treatment ;)!

Photo by Sarah Comeau on Unsplash

I like for example to put on some RnB like The Weeknd or Jorjia Smith and then I completelt dedicate myself to my glowing or mosturizing mask… it depends on what my skin needs that day. I just love it and the thing is that it’s such a fun and sensational at the same time!!

When you wake up in the morning, do this thing to your face

After you cleansed up your face, use some dry oil for all skin types, there will be enough just two sprays. We all have different types of skin but trust me, it will change your life!

Remember to use always cleanser that nourish your face, something with Vitamins, honey and don’t leave your skin dried.

This is finally me at home taking a #selfie #withoutmakeup!!!

If you still have problems…

If you still keep seeing no changes and you think you’re having problems with your skin, please consult a dermatologist.


With Love, Silvia


Linda Blacker

Dreaming big is something we should never be afraid to do. 

Today I feel super honored to interview a great artist! I’d like to say a lot of things but I prefer to hear everything from her because I am so thrilled!! I was suddendly captured by her ability to turn every dream into reality and to stay so close to the world of tales keeping my mind always in the clouds… She’s the astonishing and incredible Linda Blacker.

Hello Linda! Thank you so much for being available for an interview! How are you?

Im really well thank you, enjoying the sunshine in London today, as I don’t think it will last too long knowing our weather!

Ahah Oh Yeah! London can’t beat the record as the sunniest city in the world for sure, but you’re from Chelmsford! I must confess that I never came to the UK, I’m horrible!  I visited Heathrow airport and then left but I saw (on the web) that your city is wonderful! Which are the memories that bind you most to your hometown?

Yes I grew up in Chelmsford, in the outskirts which is the countryside. I have a lot of wonderful childhood memories, particularly of my family and especially my cat. She is 15 now, so a little older and I love her to pieces. The city itself is lovely too – I now live in London but pop back to see my parents weekly! 

Aw, that’s so sweet! I love animals too and I had a cat too in my childhood! I loved him so much! Linda, let me tell you I’m a super fan of yours! Despite the collaborations, I mean, you create dreams! I can almost say that your works are oneiric…  When was your passion for photography born?

That’s very kind, thank you. Before photography I would draw and paint all the time, that was my favourite passtime. Then, at college I decided to take an A Level in photography, alongside History, Film and Art. It was at that moment that I first experimented with a camera! I have to say though, photography in education wasn’t too fun for me – it was only through finishing college and really experiencing photography in the real world, that my passion for it was born.

One of your projects was inherent in the great Italian Art, the colors are spectacular, divine and enchanting.  I live in Italy and I love art in all its expressions: How do you make these works of art? Are you already starting with the finished product in mind or do you let yourself be carried away by your feelings?

Linda Blacker

Thank you so much! I’m very inspired by Italian works of art, and I thought it would be so interesting to create contemporary recreations. For these I work closely from the painting as a reference, and shoot several different images to place together and work on in post production. These images are complex to produce and take around 12 hours to edit, but they are some of my favourite photographs I’ve produced!

You have been collaborating on campaigns and foundations, with many YouTubers (which I love madly!!) and you also worked for the latest “IT”,  “La Llorona”, Vodafone, Huawei, and many others … What it’s like working for so many different projects? How do you organize yourself? 

I’m a big fan of organisation. I really do think organisation is key in running a business, and I really enjoy keeping busy. Because I’m organising shoots all the time and coordinating teams of people, I don’t find it too difficult. In fact, I’m very grateful for the clients I have and I really hope to expand and have many more!

I confess I have a weakness for Baz Luhrmann’s films, I love his search for perfection and beauty, in colors and in every scene. I loved every one of his films: I believe that with “the Great Gatsby” he surpassed himself at the level of photography! What do you think about it? Have you had artistic influences from other photographers or artists in your life?

Carrie As The Princess And The Pea

I’m actually really inspired by the works of Tim Burton. I find his work very recognisable across all his films and I really love that in an artist. If you can walk by a piece or art or see a film and know instantly who is behind it, I think that’s a great achievement by the artist. 

What can I say? I totally agree with you about that!

Linda, you are a great source of inspiration for many women! You are determined, a dreamer but at the same time, you have a lot of perseverance! Do you have any messages that you would like to leave to the readers of “Beyond C + F” before leaving us?

That’s very kind! I think dreaming big is something we should never be afraid to do. 
It’s women who inspire my work and who I predominantly capture in front of the camera, so I hope we can continue to inspire and lift each other up as we navigate through this tricky thing called life. 

Wow! These are such beautiful words, you’re really sweet Linda ! Thank you so much for everything and being so motivating! I’m sure we’ll get in touch again in the future! Who knows!

Karla Ortiz

The secret of success is not looking at the struggles as a bad thing, awesome things will await for you on the other side.

I was immediately fascinated by her search for aesthetic, and this it’s something that I love in an infinite way, I want to ask her for more directly…  So Ladies sip on your favorite drink and let’s start with The Interview…

Hi Karla! Let me tell you that you are always radiant and wonderful in your pictures and Stories! 

You’re from Costa Rica, would you like to talk about the most important moments of your life? 

Did you have to struggle to get where you are now?

I guess that everybody struggle in a way, every struggle is different and maybe for you my struggles could be anything or for my neighbor his struggles may be not like struggles… so I think that this is very subjective but certainly there’s no reward without an effort. In other words, I wouldn’t shoot any TV Commercial if I never went to Casting Agency or I wouldn’t never had a business if I didn’t invest some money, LOTS OF NIGHTS without sleeping… just planning and making it happen. Now, I think that the secret of success is not looking the struggle as a bad thing, it’s more like a big obstacle that if you pass it, awesome things will await for you in the other side! And CONSISTENCY.

Oh I definitely agree with you Karla, you know.. sometimes I get reprove because I use the verb “to struggle”, but I love it. I use it in a positive way, just because I know what’s beyond!!

You are a professional aesthetician! You make real magic! Not only on the face but on the entire body too, this is your passion! When did it all begin? How did you get this idea?

I like to make others feel good and pretty, and I knew I wanted to study something regard beauty, however I was graduated in University as an Industrial Designer. So after 5 years of study design, I decided to study aesthetic, my passion to make it my side job/hobby and little by little grew my business.

That’s amazing how things change in our lives! Me too I studied Economy and Foreign Languages but then I was captured by arts.

You have just opened a blog about wellness, training and healthy food!

The blog is “100 Ageless Tips“: you know that I literally fell in love with it because you give really useful advice and above all, you always make everything in a really harmonious way. 

How did you get the idea of creating this blog?

It comes from desire to help others with easy and healthy tips to improve their lives, I’m passionate about healthy food because I know how colorants for example can damage you, or how to remove wrinkles in an easy way, so I thought it could be fun give some aesthetician knowledge to who wants some information on that matter.

And you absolutely did it!

Karla, you have a wonderful family!  How do you combine work with the role of mother? Do you come naturally or do you plan your day?

Thanks! They are certain my rock and my world! Being a mother is my priority, so everything I do is organized by that, I plan my day, but sometimes it comes natural. For my business I set the monthly plan for the meats at home too, but for the blog I just go with the flow… I want to make my side business, so eventually will plan more.

I can’t let you go without letting you talk about the tv commercials you made, because you’re also a model! Tell us about the experience! We wanna know about it!!

It all started at 16 years, I’ve done photos for stores and tv commercials since then. I hosted on a TV Program related to tourism and even when I was pregnant did one commercial. I like to act, so is fun to have the challenge of the role the want you to act. Is exhausting cause it takes literally the whole day of shooting from 4am till midnight in some commercials but is fun and you always meet awesome people!

Wow!! It sounds everything so interesting and amazing!  Let’s take a look at some of your commercials!

They are stunning!! Thank you so much, Karla! It was an enormous pleasure to interview you!

This Makeup Hack is Perfect for The Summer!

During Summer we spend most of our times outdoors, doing all these fun activities and going on holidays which we obviously couldn’t do during other seasons. Now apart from all the amazing things we can do, Summer does have a downside! The heat! It gets extremely hot and outside can be extremely humid; and humidity does not go very well with makeup. It does suck, especially since you’d like to be seen everywhere but what’s the point if you can’t display your amazing face beat because its most likely going to melt?


I know right! Humidity was clearly not going to get in the way of a good face beat, that’s why I discovered this amazing little hack which always works wonders during the hotter seasons. Compared to other seasons, I usually use a very light moisturizer in summer and I also stick to foundations that are lighter in consistency, I mean you can’t be piling your face with products of a heavy consistency; your face is going to melt, I’m serious! It’s so important to choose the correct texture based on the season, this way you will have maximum optimization of the season.


Now this little hack has been working wonders for me and honestly I wish I started doing earlier; I would have saved on so much product. I like to take my moisturizer and mix it with my foundation. This definitely thins down my foundation and makes it perfect for me to wear even in extremely hot weather conditions. Your coverage is going to be so much more lighter and you honestly don’t want to pack on a lot of products. Mixing your moisturizer with foundation dilutes the concentration of the foundation while also providing some hydration to the skin. And not forgetting, your finish will look so much natural, almost like skin! And I absolutely love when my makeup looks like skin cos it sure does look like I woke up like this and I mean who doesn’t want to have that super natural I woke up like this makeup look?

Have you tried this hack before?

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I’m Silvia and I’m here to share my ups and downs, my pros and cons giving you bits of advice and sharing with you the toughest moments of my past which led me through a huge positive change!
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The Mindset of A Strong Woman

She wasn’t born to be strong. She has a thick skin.

She wasn’t born to be strong. She went through a lot and became strong because of that. She has a thick skin. Her scars are invisible to the world because they are only shown in her inner world. Her heart is torn in pieces but she doesn’t reveal it to the world, because she doesn’t trust anyone. She is a warrior who went through many harsh and ugly battles. Everyone took her vulnerability and weakness and took advantage of her, simply because she was raw in her emotions. She has no choice but to be tough and have an armored suit to survive in this ugly world. Sometimes she gets uncomfortable and lonely, but she has learned to handle it in her own way. She has only a small circle of people around her to trust and will protect her loved ones from getting hurt by strangers.


She doesn’t expect anything from anyone and is fully prepared to be disappointed by those who she thought were different from anyone else. She wants to have a quiet and peaceful future because her whole life was hectic and chaotic. Peace and quiet life are what she has to fight hard for because she deserves it.

She is not afraid to speak up her mind and voice her unpopular opinion. She would rather be disliked for her realness than please others to feel accepted. She won’t let any guys treat her bad and will leave the relationship without hesitation if the guy is toxic.

She is very picky when letting people into her life. She refuses to settle for less when it comes to a relationship and her circle of friends. She has seen the worst and still survived through it. She is used to feel lonely. She would rather kick people out of their life if they disrespect her than letting them treat her like dirt and still allowing them to be in her life just for the sake of not being lonely. She feels estranged in this world.


She is more than a woman. She is tough and sensitive at the same time. She feels too much but a master at hiding it. Not everyone will see her inner temple. She is brave when being brave is the only choice she has in a tough situation. Sometimes it’s lonely for her, other times it’s peaceful because she isn’t dealing with toxic people into her life, that is only making her life more difficult unnecessary.

5 Must Things To Do in Turin

I love Italy and all its art, the big cities … the small provincial towns that seem to have just come out of a painting, the South sea with its many colors and its white and harmonious beaches … but I grew up in Turin and I would like to dedicate all my love for this city with this post!


As the spring blossoms, the city wakes up and it’s like a movie: the first rays of the sun come out shyly and make small stunts between the windows that kiss in the small streets.

The parks are in bloom, and the monuments shine in all their vigor at every corner: I can’t walk around Turin without admiring something new.

For this reason, I strongly recommend you visit, sooner or later, this enchanting and magical city (because it really is) city!
If you come and visit the great Milan … because you will surely come, take the high-speed train in an hour you will find yourself in this little Paris of Italy … do it and you will not regret it! That’s why today I propose the 5 things to do absolutely in Turin!


I am fascinated by the ancient Egyptians and by the energy that emits any object of theirs, I went to the Louvre and the MET and there I must confess that my experiences have always been unique and almost divine, but the Egyptian Museum of Turin has something different: it is the oldest Egyptian Museum in the world and the largest Egyptian Museum just after the one in Cairo.
I was immediately fascinated by it as a little girl on a trip with the school, then I returned again and again but now many things have been changed scenographically and has absolutely become a must!


I want to remain still in the history of our civilization: there are many monuments, churches or even just buildings in Turin, designed by the most famous architects of the Baroque period but the Duomo is a must because inside you will find the Sacred Shroud. The Holy Shroud is a linen sheet that visibly shows the somatic features and signs of torture suffered by a man that are compatible to mistreatment of Jesus. It is thought that the sheet is just what was used to wrap Jesus’ body in the sepulcher.


Believe it or not, this sheet was the cause of arguments, experiments, and scientific tests: this made history and you will experience an indescribable feeling after having been there.


Yes I know, it seems obvious as a suggestion: every city center is wonderful! Turin has something special that was the first capital of Italy and has all the Savoy Residences.
I recommend you visit Piazza Castello (a stone’s throw from the Turin Cathedral) and its Royal Palace with the Savoy residences, Palazzo Madama towards the square and the back (Casaforte of the Acaja) with the Teatro Regio.

Piazza Castello is the center, the heart of magic, the four most beautiful streets of the whole city lead here: via Po, via Garibaldi, via Roma and via Micca.

Choose via Po in the evening, it will take you to the bars with aperitifs worthy of a wonderful evening in the light of the Mole Antonelliana and keeping forward you will arrive in Piazza Vittorio Veneto: one of the most beautiful squares in Italy on the banks of the Po river with the hills in the background.

via Garibaldi is full of life, bars, shops at great prices, pizzerias and souvenir shops!! Walking along with it you will come to Piazza Statuto… another point full of magic.

via Roma is the way to luxury par excellence choose the months in early July or early January to avoid losing sales up to 70% in stores! Italian fashion like Prada, Gucci, Armani … starts from Piazza Castello to Piazza San Carlo (where a break for a Bicerin with a gianduiotto, it’s a must!).

If you have a few days visit the Reggia di Venaria and the Palazzina Di Caccia di Stupinigi! They are incredible, dreamlike places location of various films, and also owned by the Savoy!


Early in the morning go to via Micca, visit the Pietro Micca Museum, they will tell you the story of a martyr who sacrificed himself for the city bursting an explosive charge in the basement of Turin to stop the siege by the French who were entering in the galleries.
The visit is adventurous! You will go into the basement of Turin!


Everything that revolves around magic is like a magnet for me.
Too many people talk about Turin without knowing: they say that this city is surrounded by a cloud of black energy and that we must stay away from it but it is not so, Turin has points of extreme energy: white energy and black energy and it is also full of symbolism! (but that is another story..)
I recommend with all of myself to take a tour on “Torino Magica“: they will take you to the most energetic and significant points of the city!
The tour is available both in Italian and in English!

I’m sure I’ve intrigued you about my city, maybe you didn’t know anything yet …
So remember … if you happen to be in the city of the fashion, get yourself the vacation and then suddendly jump on the first high-speed train to Turin! It will welcome you with open arms!

Ibiza, Bali and New Zealand

The different types of adventures on three of the world’s most popular islands. Why people travel from all over the world to experience them and why they just cannot get enough.


It might be the cracking sunset tours over the sea with dolphins swimming by on your way back from Formentera that Instagram lovers drool over every year, or it could be the colourful photos of energy and action that are reposted a million times from the clubs… the historical fort, the Spanish people or the fact that it does not matter which way you turn for adventure on this three-dimensional island, fun is like air is to humans.


It surrounds you every second you are awake, maybe that is why some people don’t manage to sleep at all here on their vacay.

The food here is plentiful across the island with a range of street foods to high quality well priced and private Michelin restaurants, with many being at your fingertips or perhaps in hidden places where very few people you met will actually tell you. But honestly there are so many sides and depth to living and playing on this island that everyday feels like a new adventure and every sunset makes you feel like you have never seen one.


There is not one time that I have returned and even remotely had the same experience. Even if I attend the same events the crowd and vibe is always different.

The most difficult aspect of leaving this island is the memories that remain in your brain, somehow they keep replaying over in your head every time the sun begins to warm up in your home country.

So maybe the only solution is to not go in the first place. But if you do, you should defiantly know, that this island is set up to make you feel love everywhere you turn. For it is an island that switches on your senses, to the point that there is really no return from this place filled with bliss, energy and life.


Have you ever heard peace, then had your surroundings flipped upside down with the sound of intensity ringing in your ears in its full glaring extreme. Well this is Bali, hidden gardens where you can only hear intricate chimes and relaxing music, with 5 metre away traffic screaming past sometimes right near your feet.

The locals hustling on every street corner, let’s face it they make your day very interesting. Adventure on this island could never be boring. There are bubble tents, waterfalls, hikes and motorbike rides that will blow your mind and make you feel human. There are beaches with diving experiences and water sports that make floating alongside dolphins seam trivial. Sunset and sunrise is always filled with kites in the sky, the rice paddies turn to gold and everything seems like it is melting right there inside you. There are yoga studios, healing places, artists and massage parlours on every street corner you almost walk down.

The food is without a doubt some of the best I’ve ever had with the thought of returning here will always make your mouth water. It is not just the beauty of the jungle that keeps people like me going back, or the steaming hot days and the afternoon downpours, it is the way that the locals live their life here.

It is the kindness in their eyes, the peace you know of, behind the closed doors that you sleep in. The smiling faces at the markets and care that you see in this community, that makes you know and be nothing but love. For this is a place where the environments beauty merges right into its people.

New Zealand

Waking up here makes you believe in fairies. The terrain is like nowhere else on the planet. The fact that you can hop of a plane, straight into a car and off around the island in a jiffy, makes you realise how easy it is to just be there.

If air is like fun in Ibiza, then adventure is like water in New Zealand. It is absolutely everywhere and if you have a heart beat you start to crave and feel like you need it. In ever town that you visit there is something to be done, a walk, a view or an activity.

It is true that you do not have to travel to far before a local helps you in your pursuit on your amazing holiday. Their culture and pride in their identity and land is one that every human should be seeking.

Grand snow-capped mountain tops, with thick blanketing snow can quickly and completely surround you. Wide rivers and lakes with spectacular colours almost make you have accidents around every corner. Adventuring onto glaciers, under waterfalls, with short helicopter rides to hidden places with gourmet food and a hot spring bath might be something you are lucky enough to get up too.

Whatever you do on this most spectacular island just remember to make sure you get lots of photos. For this is a place where epic scenery is a fact and it is taken completely to a whole new level of marvel.

It makes you feel small and will revitalise your soul because you always want to go back, the main reason is the freedom you always find here and you will feel this right in the heart of New Zealand’s mountains.

DOUBLETREE by Hilton Turin

Day 2

It took just a while and I’m right close to the hotel

The light breeze that moves the leaves, the cerulean sky with some clouds here and there that almost seems painted to me, the entrance of the building with the revolving door, makes me feel like I’m inside a photograph.

DOUBLETREE by Hilton Turin

I am about to enter and the door is activated automatically … I read the name “Doubletree by Hilton“. I enter and suddendly I get completely sourrounded by a cool, relaxing, soothing atmosphere… the flawless temperature: I prepare the documents and go to the reception to check in…

A wonderful young lady, really gracious and attentive, welcomes me. With her savoir-faire she checks out a sublime welcome that ends with a delicious chocolate chip Cookie and a glass of sparkling wine offered at the Hotel Bar.

That’s really what I needed!! at 9.30 p.m

What a start! I can not imagine better … after all I never have expectations and I remain more than gratified !!

If you wanna reach the rooms, you have to take crystal elevator! A spectacular thing to see from the outside and even more from the inside! I must admit … it was the same for me too even if I suffer from vertigo!


I was given a room on the third floor: I go up and turn to right… the carpet makes the steps soft or almost blurred: I have always loved this feeling!


Here it is! I found it!
As I open the door, I fall in love at first sight: the fabrics and colors are so harmonious and the ceiling is very high! Just what I love.
Impressive tents but nothing luxurious, very elegant and minimal! The view of Turin is breathless, it takes me back in time and memories come back … The marble bathroom with a huge shower is one of the strengths of the room, along with the huge TV and the very high windows that frame the wonderful view.


Now I’m super tired though, I think I’ll take an endless shower and then I’ll get ready to show you Turin! My city!

Oh wait! I would like to finish by saying that I really fell in love with this hotel! I hope to come back in the future!

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